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Data di rilascio : 28/02/2006

Durata : 0:03:03

Stile : Rock

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One two, one two

Oh my lover, i'm in the sea
Nothing gonna change for you and me
Done our best but i'm on fire
Never gonna change me down the line

We were safe, now we are sorry
No, don't live life in a hurry
Tried my best to make you see
The dawn gonna break on you and me

Oh my lover, can't keep running
Time will need and time forgotten
Time will stop, time will start
Send an arrow through your heart

We were safe now, we are sorry
Coming back for me in a hurry
I licked it while i let it hurt
And now i don't know what is worse

Guide me over
To the wings of the sea
Try to bath me

Die in the surf, die in the sorrow
It'll all work out tomorrow
Tried my best to make you see
Something ain't right for you and me

Oh my baby, be my rudder
Time will make you cold and shudder
Which is worse, catch you up
Time gonna bring you an empty cup

I was safe now, i am sorry
All this mess and all this worry
Forget the rest and draw the line
Just don't know now which is fine

I was safe now, i am sorry
Oh, don't live life in a hurry
Draw a line, forget the rest
Now i know that love is best

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