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Kevin Paris

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Hey my friend, would you lend me your hand
And play that sweet, sweet song yet again?
See in the start had this weakness in our hearts
Now its buried by the waves in the sand in the sand, say

Youve been a while, i can see it in your smile
Forgot the troubles this world brings and the trials
That irie state, smoke clouds rise then break
Were living to the rhythms that 11 n. way, n. way.

Now, now, what more can i say?
Our minds made up-,were on our way
On to a better place

Slip these sandals on,
Gonna wear them till the sole is gone
Singing, weve only got one life to live

So pass another one to cool us down
Gather up, gather around this town
Make yourself at home and stay till you please and
Play that sweet music with ease

My friend, there is no other way, no
You know there is no other way, no
You know there is no other way, no other way


Some good talk later, its 4am
These songs running through our heads again
Again and again, again and again.

Oh you know, theyre mixed and theyre matched
Warm breeze singing this winter has past
In simple stride, we move it on outside
Singing carry on slow, yes carry on slow

And let it all go,
Yes let it all go
Let the music take hold,
Let the music take hold



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