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Vermillion Skye

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Out of school - stay up late - have no rules - i'm 19
Take my time - won't be told what i like - i'm 19
Finally, a chance to be away from home
Far from their clutches, on my own

I'm getting by, told you, no need to call, i got your pictures
Tore up your check, don't need your charity
You might think it's hopeless, but the band is getting noticed
Friends say we'll be big stars some day

Mrs. green down the hall has a daughter in college
She's been dating a dj's brother
No promises made, but i think she'll deliver our songs to this guy
He might just consider giving a listen and putting us out on the air
We'd be there

But i'm getting by, no lie, evenings are booked, you get the picture
My girlfriend and i are talking about her moving in
She's a local waitress, hopes to see us famous
Together we'll have more than enough
Because i saw an ad in a bakery window
They're looking to fill the late shift
I can work until morning and sleep all day
Get up and make contacts so the band can play

I found a place, the perfect apartment, it's down by the water
Got a view of the alley and bugs in the kitchen
Stains on the ceiling and no air-conditioning
What you'd expect for a struggling musician completely committed
To making it big
Oh, it's home

I'm getting by, so sad, we couldn't connect, i'll send you some pictures
I'm hardly around, there's so much going on
I'm getting by...i'm getting by...i'm getting by

Like to play music loud - not ashamed - i'm 19
Don't eat right - never home - money's tight - i'm 19

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