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Foreign Vendetta

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I don't even know her name except for the streets that proclaim her fame. now this town it called, it called and she was ready to leave it all. beautiful and young, so young, she left home to be a part of the scenic life. bathing in the neon lights so bright she dances in the moonlit sun.
The stereo plays your song and you can party on till the dawn. but if you're living so you won't be last girl you might crash much too fast. don't shed a tear my dear now just let go of the past. 19excess7 is a dangerous charm and it welcomes with open arms.
Champagne and fancy cars they promise she'll always be their number one star. cause there's nothing that she can't do for the right price you could have the whole night too. they call her the candy queen cause she'll be posing in that sweet, sweet dress. living high no need to try it's so easy, so easy in this machine gun life.
The champagne glass sprinkles silver sand skating on the ice under the diamond shine the oblivion nymph wants to grant you a wish.
So the heroin lights that shined so bright they have burned you tonight. forget about the streets and all of it's greed before you shed another tear.
It's never too late to go back to the start close this chapter and save a broken heart.

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