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Serve it up, frankie

This is precisely what i intend to do, honey
Honey, do you know, i let robert cut my hair this morning?
(honey, look at this one here)
(i'm lookin' joe, tryin' to see)

Oh girl, where'd you get those shoes?
You know he had me lookin' so bad
(honey, she's so free)
I'm so tired

These are, 'come-and-fuck-me' pumps
(who, robert?)
Maurice thinks
(mmm, i think that's right, honey)

Go on up to her, say something
Maurice, what, what can i serve you?
(you mean he's male?)

Baby, i swear to god if you don't kiss 'em
I'm gonna kick your super natural ass
Frankie, play something, bitch
(squirrel meat)
Uh, don't try it

Cat, what's happenin', babe?
(bitch, would you play something?)
Get outta my face
(honey, it's not that type of party)
(talk to me, talk to me, do you remember me?)

What cha mean?
(honey, he could teach you the answer to life)
Honey, you see these pumps?
(answer? honey, you ain't gonna quit)

I wanna, i wanna
(who you callin' bitch? ho bitch)
I want you to meet some friends of mine

(frankie, play somethin', shit)
(who you callin' ho bitch? black ho bitch)
No, no, you'll like them
They're, they're musicians

2 nigs united 4 west compton
2 nigs united 4 west compton

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