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(intro -j.carr talking)
Hey god bless america
See most of y'all don't understand how real this is
But you'll see when it's gone
It's so much opportunity
That y'all just wasting y'all opportunity man
Before you know it
You'll be old and grey
With no chance
Just looking back like damn man
What could i have done?
What should i have done?
Listen up

(verse 1)
I'm like an only child tryna make his mother smile
Working overtime tryna run that extra mile
Pinching pennies all the time
Never dropping dimes
F a 9-5 i'm tryna make it off my rhymes
I'm like a student who was truant plenty days to class
Supporting family & himself while he tries to pass
When you see him he keep smiling tho you know he has
A ton of boulders on his shoulder that will make you sad
I'm like the captain of the team
Tryna live a dream
Play division 1 in college sports by any means
The only player to go major coming out my town
If i don't make it then i'm letting everybody down

So please pray for the long lost souls that have gone astray (hey)
We tryna get it in where we fit in every single day (hey)
Whether you made the grade (hey)
Or you beat the case (hey)
Just stay pursuing what you doing gotta keep the pace

(chorus 2x)
Question 1
Do you wanna do the best that you have ever done?
Question 2
Do you wanna see your fantasies come true?
Question 3
Live your dreams and be richer than you'll ever be
Are you ready to be answering your destiny?

(verse 2)
I'm like the father that aint seen his son in many years
I'm such a screw up all i got to show is many tears
So you know i gotta tell him be a better dad
But he don't know cuz growin' up that's what he never had
I'm like the rookie cop tryna overcome his fears
When he gets home he puts his trust in wine & miller beer
He knows to always trust his gun when he's in a hole
But there's no point in having badges when you lost your soul
I'm like the singers having butterflies their biggest moments
Before i go out on stage i know i always will blow it
Cuz i been doin this for long still going strong
Although i'm broke and working hard without a hit for long


(chorus 2x)

(verse 3)
This the nerd song tryna get a date for prom
This for cons tryna get it right from all the wrong
This for backups tryna rack up points on final shots
This for ballers with long money who don't have a lot
This for addicts working madly just to kick a habit
This for orphans on a christmas morning feeling magic
This for widows who won't get over their long lost
This for those that pay for love no matter what's the cost
I've travelled many lands learned that there's a price to pay
Some all at once while the others pay installments trade
Everything i have to start up with a clean slate
I wouldn't trade it for the world
And i'll die today


(chorus 2x)