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Beat Assailant

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My voice
She woke up in tha mornin and tha work was through
Took a look around tha room and wondered what to do
Lookin inbetween the couch and underneath the fridge
Gettin hooked on the fix it ain’t a way to live
Things really bout to shake because her man’s awake
She took the last hit of dope when he was knocked sedate
See the dough got low so the dope don’t flow
Like it did before – she start to snort blow
And shootin shit off in her veins growing pains
Too young to change hard heads in tha game
Can’t tell em nothing so it’s hard to learn
You wanna dance with the fire then its bound to burn
Then her man said somethin bout a bright idea
Had some visions in the night but now i see things clear
We could run up on b.a. make a play on his gear
Sell his shit for half price then be straight for the year

Girls voice
She’s sayin i don’t know yo im kinda hesitating
I think there’s other ways that we could flip up the bacon
We could hit the pusher make a play on his work
Get the loot and the paper bag it up and then merk

Guys voice

He said i’m runnin this bitch is you outta your mind
Got the visions and the plans with the proper designs
Robbin dealers and the pushers we gon end up dead
Gotta get the paper up from robbin rappers instead
Plus i know he’s a punk so i’m pullin his card
I had it up to here with mutherfuckers thinkin they hard

Girl i thought you was down is you willing to ride
Pop the trunk throw the pump and the duffle inside
We gon do this now ain’t gon hesitate
I gots to get the fix it ain’t no time to waste
We gon tap the tank ten dollars of gas
Enough to make it back that’s if the whip don’t crash
We gon roll up slow then roll out quick
You watch the back door so there’s no exit
Imma break into the show from a side window
You pack duffle bag and then get out with the dough

My voice
That’s when i heard somethin strange in my laboratory
Somebody’s makin moves down on the first story
Grabbed me my bat and made a play downstaris
I’m like bonecrusher cuz i ain’t never scared
Beat a sucker in his knees till hi start to yell please
I passed pulled off the mask then i recognized he
Used to a&r for the record company
Got bashed to the curb cuz he didn’t sign b
My how the tides have turned
Like i said hard heads make it hard to leard
Called the cops locked his bitch up and fucked her perm
Comin straight from the a and i’m standin firm
Q-tip told me i should watch my back
Cuz these industry niggaz out here smoke crack
Now i seen it first hand in the way they act
So i had to spit it out in a ba track and thats that

Cant trust the man from the record companies
Jam wit the band put it down like its sposed to beez

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