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J Lethal

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I bring fire to every track, hellfire, brimstone
I break that dick off in her just like a wishbone
And in case you didn't know, bitch it's dearth 3
I get so much brain you would think i enrolled to get my degree
All my shit is dope, pussy nigga stop hatin'
I am so hot, you would think i was from hell or i was satan
I keep on gravitating, my words are captivating
I get deep up in that pussy just like i was excavating
And them pistols keep on poppin', like grease up out a skillet
These niggas say they ballin' but they funds are insufficient
Riding with ya bitch and she giving me dome
I take my dick out and give her all my chromosomes
Got another bitch, she is puerto-rican
She suck that dick so mean until a niggas' legs weaken
If ya running or ya scared, go to church and see the deacon
I show up at ya funeral and shoot everybody while he preaching
Black gucci hat with the iced out frame
Red louie v with the jesus piece chain
Poof, i might cop a hundred mill just like i'm david copperfield
I retrieve your beat, and afterward have it lookin' like a battlefield
Flow is so explosive, flow is just like dynamite
I am the human torch, and i will raise the fahrenheit
You niggas pinching for a penny just like a parasite
She put that pussy in my face, then i'ma take a gigabyte
Double barrel blunt got me faded like bleach
Bad yellow-bone, she on my dick like a leech
She give me so much brain, now i'm qualified to teach
I'm so out of your league, i'm so out of your reach
I tombstone the track like i'm the undertaker
And i'm steady gettin' dough just like i was a baker
I'm the only fire that could live inside a storm
I'm the best, and if you heard otherwise, then you have been misinformed
Hustle hard, work fast, then become a millionaire
Double back and double that, then step up to a billionaire
Don't you dare compare, 'cause ain't nobody near
Please beware because i test these niggas like a questionnaire
Flow stays sharper than the blades on a chainsaw
She give me super head like she got a hurricane jaw
And you ain't gotta tell me 'cause i know i'm detrimental
Smokin' on that obama, bitch my weed is presidential
I'm going, going, gone, don't know where i am going
I smoke so much weed, get so high, i swear right now i'm floating
Bitch, stop playin', i'm the best that ever did it
'bout to hit the hit stick and make the whole game pivot
Eastside nigga, until the day i die
I got so many styles, you would think i was a gemini
If you hating on me, you will get no reply
Bitch, it's jay f. tae, the f is for firefly

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