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Rogue Traders

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Date de parution : 13/10/2007

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Rock

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So start the show, pick it up from the very beginning
At the part where the roof blows
Timber's falling as you're crawling through
The forthcoming chapters, better watch for the cameo

So here we go, get on board if you were a believer
Take stock of your superstar shine
The best weapon you can take is a gun that won't fire
Use that heart like it's all mine

Yes, i'm feeling like the 8th wonder of the world
Never ever better, 8th wonder of the world
And if you think i'm loosing it just pretend it's wonderful
So wake up baby, 8th wonder of the world

So let it go, let it show if you're wanting salvation
At the end of a sunrise
Scream it louder by the hour babe it's all about power
Write it down 'cause it's all lies

So end the show with a blow if you're keen to deliver
The kind of thrill that makes the temperature rise
Come learn a lesson a free amongst the falling debris
Look 'em dead right between the eyes

So wake, wake, wake up

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