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Action Bronson

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(action bronson)
Smoking that... barbara walters wax
Same fucking outfit twenty days in a row i don't give a shit

You only came around 'cause you thought i had some money for you
You got it fucked up
That's for the kids
If there's anything left i'll cop a crib
And if there's anything left after that i'll cop a six
How you think i got the (?) dinner plates?
First course was from the finger licks
Last course cinnamon ginger cake
She gave me head during the laker game
I got her tatted, trying to erase her name
No, i caught her cheating, her pussy didn't feel the same
She was probably with one of the broncos
Or lebron so i blew her car up
Soon as she try to start it up, nah
I can't talk about that though...
Your chance is thin like the moustache of puerto ricans
Shooting guns with my daughter on the weekend
Smoke the budder same color like the weekend
Stashed under the sole of the sneaker *laughs
Fuck man
Stashed under the sole of the sneaker
Smoke the budder same color as the weekend

Told the driver lenny swing me by the garden i gotta talk to pat
Hit him with stacks
Showed him the gat like 'you gonna miss the finger alright'

I told the driver lenny swing me by the garden i gotta talk to pat
Showed him some stacks
Then showed him the gat like 'you gonna miss the finger alright'
Yes mr. baklava
Then i cartwheeled into a aqua car
*trails into laughter
Its too crazy right?

Its just fucking nuts
We just talking crazy at this point

I told the driver lenny swing me by the garden i gotta talk to pat
Showed him some stacks
Then showed him the gat like 'you gonna miss the finger alright'
Yes, mr. baklava
Then i cartwheeled into and aqua car
Now i'm, sliding
Maya (?) made it no more
The facial reminiscent of a
Fuck around i'll send you back to
And i ain't even trying
Swing the wood wheel and lumberjacks
I remember back
When they wouldn't spend a stack on my rap
Now they want to wipe my ass in the crack after i shat
And i just had corn beef hash

(big body bes)
It's me
Motherfucking big body
I'm back for the fucking sequel, man
You know i had come and to spice this shit the fuck up
Mr. fuckin (?) himself
I'm over here fucking wiling
A lot of shit done motherfucking changed now
Motherfuckers done came up
Whole lot of different motherfucking moves are being made
You know what time it motherfucking is
So my lifestyle done changed a little bit
All types of shit
The motherfucking crib is renovated, man
All types of fly shit
I got the new fucking marble floor, man
That shit is imported
We just flew that shit in from connecticut
Motherfuckers is out here spinning stupid shit
But you know me, man
Same motherfucking body
I'm out here wiling like i never changed man
This the same motherfucker you know me, man
'98, doing stick-ups with the screw-driver
It's me man
The last car on the fucking 8-train man
I fucking live this shit
Done came up
Pockets was always swole
Sometimes a little low but i get them back up, man
Fill them up like the fucking gas tank
God, man
Shout-outs to my fucking brother, man, action bronson, man
We out here, man
We motherfucking out here, man
Not enough to say, man
But a motherfucking few more things that's what to say
Shit is fucking crazy, man
I'm out here smoking good, man
Fucking pocket, fucking stupid, fucking blunt pack with that up-town piff
Shouts to all my motherfucking dominicans out there in the heights
All of that, 172, 174
You already know, man
Nah, i don't even want a motherfucking ounce, b
Give me motherfucking 40 dimes
That's how i want it
In a brown fucking bag
Yeah, (?) poppy, that's how we doing it, big fucking style, man
And i want that chimi sauce dripping all over my fucking arm
That's how i do it, man
Wipe it with the fucking hundred dollar bill
I'm out here wiling man
My name big fucking body
Shouts to motherfucking albania
Shouts to east new york
Shouts to lindenwood
Shouts to motherfucking flushing
Shouts to the motherfucking bronx, man
All fucking day i'm out here wiling, man
Eagles up

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