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(music & lyrics by suidakra)

In a time of forgotten realms and whilom truth
Noble kings and valiant men
In a land where shades lurked in the dark
Where at night tales began to rouse

Ir was the dawn of the thousand fires
When he stepped into the night
Swearing to face all dusmay
To dare the ancient mights

Enthralled by a flickering glint
That allured him to follow
To a place where the realms entwine
A gate to the other side (adistant light)
Faint singing called him to step inside

His eyes strayed aloft
Willing to go towards his fate
A last look to the sky
When he passed the gate

For ever and ay (for a year and a day)
A wanderer lost in nowhere
Never found a place to dwell
Withersoever he fared

Twilight shapes begged him to stay
But the glinting stars
Drowned all leathe
Restless he hied afar

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