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Out in the backyard yesterday,
Trimming the hedges while the neighbor's kids were in pool.
The power cord got a little close to water's edge,
And sent 10,000 volts down,

Little billy's spine.
He was only nine.
Better luck next time.

Woke up one sunday afternoon.
The family's gone on a hunting trip for caribou.
Broke out the ladder gonna fix some holes up on the roof.
I slipped and fell and,

Landed on the ground.
No one was around.
When will i be found?

I'm sure not glad it happened,
But i'm happy as can be,
That it took the life from someone else.
Better them than me.

Bought a home right by the plant.
They said she'd never blow again, like she did before.
Perhaps they spoke a bit to soon 'cause, a half passed noon,
She blew like hell, and,

Then the sky turned red.
Toxins overhead.
Everybody's dead.

Everybody's dead.

Pleasant dreams, and thanks for listening.

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