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Date de parution : 04/08/2002

Durée : 0:04:42

Style : Rock

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Hello, and welcome to a day in heaven
And here's your host, saint peter

Painting rainbows in the sky
Building castles in the air
Try to hide the tear stained eyes
Take the consolation prize
She wants to be an actress
Star with richard harris
She wants a heart shaped swimming pool
To be the talk of paris

She wants to be an angel
She wants to be immortal
She wants to live in amsterdam
She wants to be in pictures
She wants to be notorious
She wants a reputation
She wants to do unusual things
She wants to fly around the world
Her lucky number's seven
She wants to go to heaven
'cause good girls go to heaven

She wants to be a beauty queen
She wants to be a somebody
She wants to be a femme fatale
Her idol's christine keeler
She wants to be a somebody
Everything in the brochure
She wants to live in a mansion
She wants to kiss charles manson

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