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Think of all the hearts being broken, the untrue words being spoken.
Its hard to trust the one you're with.
Isn't it interesting how its broken and just can't be fixed.
The truth isnt something that you defend.
Breaking down and falling out seems to be what life is about, never thought i would see the end.
I can't believe that you wont even try. its hard enough youve wasted all my time.
Grow up, it'll never be the same and you know it.
Grow up, youve made mistakes and we all know it.
Wake up, the alarm is ringing now.
Wake up, the alarm is ringing now.
Now i see the families and remember how it used to be.
Sat at home and just watched tv.
I think of how it used to feel to have something that was real.
I wonder if i'll ever see it again.
You must have known it all along, you two were never strong.
So here i am to sing a song, just tell me what went so wrong.

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