Paroles de Bad motor scooter

Sammy Hagar

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Date de parution : 16/11/1992

Durée : 0:07:06

Style : Rock

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If you get lonely on your daddy's farm
Just remember i don't live too far.
And there's a red bridge that arcs the bay, yeah
You'll be at my place in less that a day.

So get on your bad motor scooter and ride
Up over to my place and stay all night.
First thing in the morning we'll be feeling all right
So get on your bad motor scooter and ride.

Ooh, the last i seen your face
I swore that no one would take your place.
Now since you've been gone i've been feelin' bad, yeah
I'd come out to your place (but)
I'm afraid of your dad. so you...

Ride, ride, ride.
Come on baby, ooh yeah.
Crank it on up!

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