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Everlasting Victory

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Beautiful girl that's who you are,
I coming down from the thousand stars, and even
When your heart is feeling low, i can give you
With all my hope. so prince charming if that's who
I am, i come to take you from a thousand plans.
And even if the world is getting old, the
Politics never shuts us down.


We will fall in love, so lets share our
Own fantasy and be willing tonight.
I will love you so, and if you care
About me tonight and ill be with you
Forever now.

(melody solo)


I love you so if you love me now,
We start dancing as the night is young.
And if you understand the way i feel
My cold iron heart will never bleed.

(repeat to chorus)

(chorus 2)

If we start to fall in love, so let's start falling in love
And see how we live in a harmony.


In harmony, in harmony ah ooh.

(backup chorus)

I love you, i need you.


I will be with you tonight, tonight.

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