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I'm the king of all time
Nothing is impossible
In my all powerful mind
It was the fifth of november
When time went back
Some say that's impossible
But you + i we never looked back
Wasn't it incredible
So beautiful above all
To see the fuse lit this time
To light a read bonfire
For all time
I was drinking in a night club
It felt good to be back
When hepburn said "i love you"
+ flynn said "make mine a double jack"
Then we planned a revolution
To make things better for all time
When guevara said "that's crazy"
+ ordered up a bottle of wine
In there on the big screen
Every night i've seen
The way things could be ...
The news broke after midnight
That we pulled the temple down
Without a sound
But the generals they were hiding
+ the ministers, well ...
They'd all gone to ground
Wealth re-distribution
Became the new solution
So i got a paper bag
But you got the one with all the holes

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