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Blast off! up to the stars we go
And leave behind everything i used to know.
Somebody's giving me a whole lot of money to do
What i think i want to
So why am i still feeling blue?
Oh wuan and dondo

Goddamn, get your head out of your hands.
Here's to all the times we're gonna have.
Cooped up for a year with the two best-looking babes i've seen all year
Get me another bottle of beer
'cos i'm feeling fine

Go ahead, waste your head
We've got the time. i hope you don't object if i
Speak my mind

Don't forget the purpose of the mission,
Or nomis will be swallowed by its sun.
Each one of you is a top graduate of the star corps academy
It's up to you, it's not up to me
Oh wuan and dondo

Go ahead and waste your life
I'm still in fear.
I hope you don't object if i
Crack another beer.

Hold on, who is it here that i see?
Wasn't she a favorite bitch in the academy?
I don't know if i wanna lead on this woman,
You know i've done that before.
She's actually a good girl,
Or at least a cheap ho...

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