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Armaan Ali

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Blue skies, compromise
And shed a little bit of sunlight
No wonder, i disguise
My pain and feel alright
No i won't see it
If i don't wanna believe it
No you won't show me
No help when i wanna receive it
The emptiness inside of me
Food won't take away
I don't wanna know this side of me
So please just take away
The pain (x3)
The rain (x3)

Baat, honton tak aayi
Dil nay, woh kabhi na bataayi
Lafzon mein, hai meri kahaani
Likh diye, mit diye
Badal nay waali hai ye

God please just show me how
Or what i gotta do right now
Down on my knees about
The way things going right now
I keep coming back to you
When things don't feel so right
Like the blue skies and the sunlight
Please just compromise, tonight

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