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Jeemin Roh

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You've got your microscopic eyes,
That see my bandage-covered wrist that i lied about

Saying "i slammed into the door, with my hand hanging out,
Made me fall right to the floor, with my head screaming out."
Or the story that i scratched your name so hard onto my skin
It matched your scarlet heart.

You said "forever' was too short, you
Questioned the l-word; never asked you why, although you said that

The phrase that contains those 4 letters,
've been eternally tainted, they don't matter,
You said it just like that - it's mischievous
How life held us back to deceive us.

I'm sorry, if we never met, we could've skipped the heartache and the sick distress.
In the flurry, with the blood and sweat, i won't forget what we've been through, nevertheless.

Even though seperation hurts, (we hate her, no?)
I think the preparation starts, for later on.
And i really oughta say "i miss you loads.
I cried so hard last night; the tissue's gone."

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