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Candyman: djp



Hey what up it's djp

Who is this?

It's djp...


Dj fuckin p

Ahhh i think you got the wrong #

Ahhh i don't thing so..

You wanna hear me rap?


You wanna hear me rap?

Don't fuckin call my house again

Yo, hold up




Yeeeee: yo comah yoooo chyea
From this, kyeaaa...from da, & da, & da
From da..
Nutta brother sister's brothers cousin
Evolution.. isaac newton
Buying fig newtons by the dozen
Call me john candy
Call me candyman, cuz i'm handy
Call me sandy bo bandy fe fi fo fandy
I got purple haze in my lungs
Dj pee pee like a stun gun
Stun n gun
Stun n youngn's
With my bag of nuggets
They be yellow blue
Just like the denver nuggets


Current play back
Format yo
Record a fromat
Yo reverse that

(sony blakas)

See you got it
Just keep it up man
Keep rappin to this fucking beat
Here we go...

Okay, okay, okay here we go
Yo i'm not from these mother fucking streets
I still piss in my mother fucking sheets


From 6 times this week
It's 3 in the morning
I'm trying to get some fucking sleep
And if you call back one more time
I'll have yah ass in my beat
So how's that djp
How's this fucking rap
To your fucking beat
Have your fucking beat back
Don't ever fucking call back

Yo yo.. that guy was fucking pissed
Holy shit, we should call him back
Hold on
Lemme call him back...

Hello, the stevenson's residence

Uhhhhh hello.. mr. stevenson

This isn't mr. stevenson
This is actually the glenville police dept.
If you call back one more time
We will deffinitley put you in jail

Man get the fuck outta here
Your not the fucking glenville police dept.

Game tight
So this song was so good last time
I mine as well just...just

I keep it going
With the flowin'
Like a nightbrite...
I'm fucking glowing
This fucking street is always glowing
I'm my fucking undertowing g ready
E-clipse mother fucking
Piss tits...

Piss tits
I didn't say piss tits
I said shiz tits
& if you want some fish sticks
I'll fucking shiztits
I'll fucking dick slap you
& fucking piss test you