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Mccain Edwin

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Pacing gently, summer wind
The king stares softly to the sky
Will he ever see his home again
Deep from his heart he starts to cry
As his songs hit the air and young hearts are awake
Soon they join in the chorus sharing all his ache
There's a lifetime out there somewhere
Somewhere in the dark
And summer's on, the lion's song
Sung from cleveland park
And the high school kids ignore it, they have their own time
They're just showing off the speakers in their ride
I know what i'm sayin', i grew up too soon
And youth goes hand in hand with foolish pride
As their song hits the air and young hearts start to break
The lions join in the chorus sharing all their ache
In cleveland park trees breathe a sigh of all the summers gone
Skeltons in wintertime, they sing the lions song

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