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Vanna Bonta

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Life's been going on like this for eons and a yarn.
Fields look simple, corn is stored in a barn
But in every little molecule of every single crop
Is a power coming straight from an awesome, cosmic top.

Tiny little seeds are amazing occasions,
Put your hands on the ground and feel the vibration.
From perfection of orbits to the blooming of a flower,
The cosmos is a symphony every single hour.

Chorus 1
If it's true for the fields, it's true for the heart:
When you water, love, and nourish you'll get fruits by the cart.
If you shine like the sun, and not just try to take,
It'll grow you rewards more than you could ever make.

Nature holds secrets it'll give you if you look,
The kind of ancient wisdom you don't get from a book.

Chorus 2
Country is cosmic, more than any cool place,
Micro and macro face to face.
Country is cosmic. country is grand.
I can hear it, i hear it! the heartbeat of the land.

What's true for a tree works for the galaxy,
Which doesn't blink a star without perfect harmony.
I learned about truth by watching natural law,
From the planets to the cornfields, that's what i saw...

Truth so cosmic, truth so immense!
And you'll know it every time ... cause it simply makes sense.
That's the very beginning carried forward in each seed.
When you water it, it grows. nature tells you if you heed.

(repeats chorus 1 & 2)

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