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Brotha Lynch Hung

pochette album Dead man
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Date de parution : 10/08/2009

Durée : 0:00:52

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(phone rings)

Lynch: what up?

Other man: hey nigga
Hey nigga peep game nigga
I got me this lil' old tricc from tha other side you know what im sayin'
The bitvh was runnin' her mouth nigga, them fools is out to get your ass nigga thats real, its on the blocc nigga, so whats up nigga what u wanna do nigga, stomp on them fools nigga, can we dump nigga? whats up?

Lynch:listen nigga listen listen, we just gon' chill at the crib, we just gon' strap up and wait nigga, dont even trip, i got me a 9mm, 44, ar15, 30ought six with a scope nigga, a ithica 37 12gauge shotgun with a 5lb. slide nigga, we all the way nice nigga, streetsweeper and shit, pistol grip you know. we finnuh handle these nigga. low-kee gave me the whole hook-up nigga. lets do this.

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