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Vanna Bonta

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Verse 1.
Stars sparkle secrets,
Hopes and dreams.
Stars hold the mystery answer it seems.
Out there.
It's so strange yet so familiar.
When i look up in the night,
Light years far, but close and bright,
I wonder what i am.

Verse 2.
Why do i feel so far from home?
Where is it that i really belong?
Still nights.
Skies of stars and moonlight.
Something pulls me from above.
If the air were made of love,
I'd know home wasn't far.

Verse 3.
Dreams are denied and robbed from my soul.
Life isn't dreams, it's war i am told.
Love cries.
It is so shunned and abandoned.
But i can't believe that's real.
There is more than this ordeal.
I know ideals can be.

Lonely faces, all the faces
Of the people who forgot...

Home is all the good you are.
Magic isn't something far.
Home is you.
You brought it here
To play time and form again.

Verse 4.
Home is the very fabric of you.
You are all the good that's true.
It is real.
All the beauty you imagine.
It's to beauty we belong,
We are souls of light and song.
It's all there.
Home is you.
Home is you.

You're from home, remember?
It's still there...
All the beauty you imagine.
You are the beauty.
All the beauty you imagine.

Music & lyrics by vanna bonta

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