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Uncle Brian

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Check to see whats on t.v.,
I learded to speak in japanease,
Save the world though not today,
The cheques in the mail i'm on my way,
Fighting fears, money and power,
My phone always rings when i'm in the shower,
I can't fly without my cape,
Crimes on time but i'm always late

So what if i'm super powered,
I'll be sitting in here for hours,
And i won't fly my ass through the sky,
Don't have any kriptanite
Get outa bed to save you

Check to see whats on t.v.,
I'll turn it off and go to sleep,
My so called life, my so called wife,
Is standing staring back at me,
Not so much as a go man go,
Next time gadget, i don't think so,
At times i think i've lost the plot,
And start to think if i had it or not


To save you


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