Lyrics of Breaking out

Carlos Santana

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Standing in the valley of indecision
Trying to make some sense out of
A strange condition that we see
I?ve gotta find a way out ?cause
Nobody would listen
So i turn my back and now i?m
On my way

Breaking out...i?m on my way
Breaking out...
Breaking out...i?m on my way
Breaking out...

I hear the things thy tell me but
I don?t believe it...
Gotta find a place where i can
Breathe and just be me...
Gonna shake up the world
Into a new position
Now i?m letting you know that
I am on my way...

Repeat chorus

I can?t stop this feeling deep
Inside of me
Now i finally see the reason
In my heart i know it?s not
Some fantasy...
When i lift my eyes up to the


It?s a brand new day, but it
Seems like an old one
People playing games, but it?s
No game i want to play
They tried to hand me the dice
But i knw they were loaded
So i turned my back and now
I?m on my way

Repeat chorus

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