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Mary Poppins

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Paroles de la chanson the royal doulton music hall par mary poppins
"and where would we like to go on this fine, fine day?"

"the royal doulton music hall please"


"what's that?!"

"we're on the brink of an adventure children. don't spoil it with too many questions."

In the nursery, you were never by yourself

There was quite another world upon your shelf (hold on)

Where each day crowds make their way upon the sun's decent

To a mythical, mystical, never quite logistical tent

Yes in this

Dilly dynamical simply ceramical royal doulton bowl

There's a cuddly and curious, furry and furious animal watering hole

Where the monkeys and hummingbirds know the tune and the words

Every beast large and small

Loves the very top drawable, always encore-able royal doulton music hall

"ooh. that one tickled my tail. nearly there mary poppins!"

Yes in this

Marvellous, mystical, rather sophistical royal doulton bowl

There's a lot of birds queuing up, a lot of hams chewing up

Scenery they swallow whole

There are lots of cats tuning strings

Nightingales in the wings

Waiting for their big drum roll

At the simplest sensational, standing ovational royal doulton music hall

"here we are!"

"but where's the music hall"

"oh yes that! silly me"

"step right up! step right!"

"wow. goodness"

"how on earth did she do that?"

"one thing you should know about mary poppins, she never explains anything. come on"

"hurry, hurry. get tickets while you can. for the one night only, one and only... mary poppins! what an honour it is to have you join us this evening"

"thank you"

"and who is this i see? why it's john, annabel and georgie banks!"

"you know us?"

"of course! everyone knows the banks children. hurry along now. get yourself some peanuts and candyfloss and go right on in"

"may we mary poppins?"

"yes. just keep away from the edge of the bowl"

At the highly acclaimable, nearly untamable

Lavishing praisable, always roof raisable

Royal doulton music hall!

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