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Silent surroundings, black skies
On top of broken trust

A face frozen with fear
In memories dreams are lost

Can a device, read my mind
Just look in my eyes

Black as pitch
The picture is there
(to horrify) but why should i care

Raising hell and they're ready forfighting
I know
By the greed of a thirsty god
Hunting humans and drinking white lightning
My fear
No you ain't got enough

Shifting shadows in a demons race
Edge of chaos, cross god's face
They have watchers everywhere
But you don't know.
(you will never know)

Never born of the seed
Took life from a barren hand
Come from greed
Like a child in the form of a brokenman

Sadness in the heart
Like a storm that ripped apart
Walk through the ashes of man
Will there never be an end

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