Lyrics of Amarachi

D' Prince

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(intro) : uh mavin records all don jazzy again

We go make them jealous our love oh
Jealous so baby dont stop
Even if them vex we go make them jealous more we go show off for bus stop. (2x)

Owere ife ne me were ego ta wa cha!

Amarachi nwanyi oma obu so so munagi, uwa rapu ya aka.(2x)

Verse 1 :
Baby uh huh dont you ever ever bow down cause no one can put the sun down.
The love wey you have will never short down.
Bring mami water come from dc the more them look na the less they go see
Make we beg dem yo go go ( yo go go ) yo go go biko (2x)


Verse 2:
Agaymi ekwe miri ncha bam mu nanya baby ahurmgi nanya your my one and only.
I go carry you go meet my mama
Carry you go meet my papa your my one and only
Make we beg dem yo go go ( yo go go) yo go go biko (2x)