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Release date : 11/09/2012

Duration : 0:03:21

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Da newest of all these oldschool artists
When i aim for somethin, i shalt never miss
Ever look into my eyes, im a really nice guy
Unless ur hatin, then ill bust da eagle! lets ride

(verse 1)
Id pop u wit da eagle, but ur really not worth it
Im exactly like a king, got men to do it for me
U pullin a 9? ask me dats toy heat
I bet you have, fake walkies and a badge
When im done wit u, ull be riches to rags
People ask me, if i think dat im bad
No, i dont think, i know yea and dats that
When the king says over, no more questions are asked
When my council says war, ud better duck fast
More stars in phone than there are in the flag
The x is so great, got a planet named dat
Where else did u think, i got these mad raps
Im supernatural, an alien mane
Im here and im hostile, to any hatin lame
Like i always say, i dont sing for da fame
I sing for respect, its my thirst and my crave
Its like a disease yea, its eatin me away
It'll be in my vains, till my very last day..


(verse 2)
Animalistic, crazy, complex
3 out of 9 words dat describe the x
Temper is the 4th, so do not test
If u roll on my ride, bustin windows wit my tech
Id rather use da eagle, but i keep it on my belt
Ahead of my time, call me an aztec
A blue trimmed cape, yea i keep it on my neck
I found da old school, while i was on a treck
I dusted it off, poped it in da tape deck
I listened to new school, thinkin wat da heck?
I will bring it to da open, anyone i suspect
Of dissin hind my bak, yea mad disrespect
Your minds obsolete, like a 2 dollar bill
Im workin it out, like a military drill
Im controlin ur mind, just like amittyville
The things in my mind, u would think are unreal
No shakin my hand, cuz i do not make deals
I only make bargans, if i like it, ya dig?


(verse 3)
The name is neko, like grand theft auto
My minds backed up, like a genie in a bottle
Shake it and open, like a full throttle
Then turn around, and drink drank drink
Dont stop till u fill up da tank tank tank
Im toxic, and under ur sink sink sink
But im not labeled, im a secret killa
Like da viet cong, original guerillas
Im a mercenary, pay me wit vanilla
Im talkin about, vanilla-nilla ice
Remember this, every man has his price
Just gotta take a chance, roll da dice
Im a oldtime fellow, want some advice?
If your havin an urge, never ever think twice
This might be, ur last chance tonight iight? k


-ha! ive done it again! yess k i n 6 x, dont u love that? i love that jingle yo
-id like to give a much deserved shout, a much deserved shout out to my lil cousin skylar a.k.a skipper
-its da x man! cash up? haha(echo)

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