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The sun is slowly rising
The day is just beginning
Let me take you to a
Place youve never been to

Imagine that youre walking
With me in the jungle
The natives they are dancing
And singing to a ritual

E papa re, e papa re
E papa re, e papa re

The musics getting to you
Your knees are feeling shaky
The mind is getting dizzy
The spell is taking over

Suddenly you find yourself
Surrounded by these people
Aint no use to try and struggle
You know it would be useless

Out of nowhere comes their leader
Commanding all attention
He signals them to set you free
But to keep on singing

E papa re, e papa re
(foreign content)
E re papa re, e papa re
(foreign content)
E re papa re, e papa re
(foreign content)

All around below above
The magics flowing freely
Everybodys soaked in sweat
Drenched by their own feelings

Incantations cry out loud
The fire keeps on burning
Now youre in a time and space
From where theres no returning

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