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Hot Water Music

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Release date : 29/01/2008

Duration : 0:02:51

Style : Alternative

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Used to always want to sleep.
Used to want to (but couldn't) leave,
And i barely found the way.
Through the darkness and the trees
There were thoughts attacking me.
I saw the some come, in new orleans,
Through the window n the front,
We just smoked and watched it come;
Being lazy with the gray light
In the back room,
Where we could talk and all,
But we were burnt.
We got our wards back with the morning
And we'll say anything we want,
Though we don't know what we don't know
About having time away.
I know you miss things everyday.
Certainn things made you feel safe,
And i had mine saving me.
How fleeting they came to be,
Certian things made me feel needed.

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