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Release date : 07/10/1991

Duration : 0:04:16

Style : Rock

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Pray in homage under shadows of ancestry.
Conceptual lords above bathing in your inquiry.
Memorizing thoughts thought hallucinations of despair.
Imminence burns within, plague yourself to disrespect.
Battered visions, desolation drips into your eyes.
A feeling of oppresiveness that vastly clutters life.
Deviation scarred within, placed upon you from your birth.
Engaged with destitution, as it rips into your mind.
Morally detrimental.
Incapacitated existance.
Ignorent false worship.
Exit all that's insincere.
Rendered never to believ, never to place trust again.
Deny the cross you bear.
Resisting all religion, resisting infirmities.
Habitual infamy.
Malignant infatuation.
Reduces your will to live.
Illusive reality.
Images shred your mind to pieces.
Deception crowds you.
An infection of thoughts that god is there for you.
Self - inflicted betrayal provoked by others.
Sink in deep depression.
States of mental turmoil.
Abdiction deplets.
Paralyzing conflicts.
Fear of retribution.
Catastrophic frenzies.
Burn within your mind.
Sifting through delusions.
Comatose with anguish.
Tribulation drowns all hope.
To live on.
Purge your soul in hate.
You're realizing you can't afford.
Brace yourself 'till all restistance ends.
Cut yourself and release the blood.

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