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Friedman Debbie

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And thou shalt love the lord thy god
(with all thy heart) (2x)
With all thy soul and (with all of thy might) (2x)
And all these words which i command you on this day
(shall be in thy heart) (2x)
And thou shalt teach them diligently
(unto thy children) (2x)
And thou shalt speak of them
When thou (sittest in thy house) (2x)
When thou walkest by the way and when thou risest up,
(and when thou liest down) (2x)
And thou shalt bind them for a sign (upon thy hand) (2x)
And they shall be for frontlets (between thine eyes) (2x)
And thous shalt write them on the doorposts of thy house,
(and upon thy gates) (2x)
Thay ye may remember and do all of my commandments,
And be holy (holy unto your god) (3x)

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