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Deep down in the city 'neath the concrete trees
Some signifying hack was scratching backs for fleas
Putting on their bad mouths on poor little me
Spreading ugly untruths like it's some horrible disease

He said that i said what i never did said
But i said that it's rare that it's over your head
Ask me a question, then print a lie
I cancelled all appointments having vowed that he will die

So i went to find the source of this malicious dirt
Having re-read the words and washed the blood from my shirt
When i found him he was sitting high up in a tree
With one dirty finger on a typewriter key

Sky is gray and the grass unseen
And you're the dumbest **** this city's ever seen
He was laughing, shaking, high up in a tree
But then he lost his balance and he fell down on his knees

So i leapt on that mother, my anger to appease
When i grabbed him by the throat, he said, "oh, spare me please"
Sure as gullible as my name, i let him go back to the trees
And straight away the poisons flowing freely from the keys

The sky is gray and the grass unseen
And he's still the dumbest **** this concrete jungle's ever seen
That mother he was laughing, bathing in the heat
But then he slipped again and landed in the street

Deep down in the city 'neath the concrete trees
Nobody's seen that mother high in the fleas
But there's a new one in the obituaries
And it shows four stars where the name oughta be

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