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Mr. Shadow

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Date de parution : 20/04/1999

Durée : 0:04:1

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(lil' rob)
Hey wuz up, lil' rob and shadow the mayhem click
Comin' at you once again, let the mayhem begin

(mr. shadow)
Que hubole 2-0-3 otravez en tu area
Causando desmadre, ponte trucha

(verse one: mr. shadow and lil' rob)
As i enter i'm gonna representer mayhem click
So let the mayhem begin (any fools need to quit)
Playin' hatin' on this two indivituals versatile quit
2-0-3 be the pino
Code m-a-y-h-e-m, two bold headed mexicans
In your area scarin' ya, starin' ya, i'm darin' ya
Come wit' me and see massive terror
Witness what we go through
What would you do if you did what we do?
You'd be through stuck like glue fool
You can never come close
East to west coast, world wide known for the flows that we've thrown
We have shown the people how it's done
We do it just for fun
While drinkin' red wrome like a vet from vietnam
Droppin' bombs like the cap-tain and give a grand
I feel the need to sin now let the mayhem begin

(mr. shadow's voice mail)
Wuz up, you reached shadow's voice mail
Do what you gotta do after the tone and i
I'll called you back as soon as i can


(lil' rob)
Hey wuz up shadow, this is rob fool
You know we got some fools actin' stupid over here homie
So ah get back at me as soon as you can
We gotta show 'em what we are all about homie
Let the mayhem begin, que no?

(verse two: lil' rob and mr. shadow)
Kickin' down doors and back for more
Would you like more? of what we have store
Wars, and battles lil' rob and shadow
Are you the one to tattle when they playin' undergravel
Desperado estelado
Armados como soldados, pelones matones descontrolado
Los mexicanos tumbados
Encabronados malos like el capon i'll be chingon
When we get on the microphone we hold our own so leave alone
We explode like a time bomb so watch us tick mayhem click we be sick
2-0-3 represent huh
We be reveal our own estilo
Lets go bouncin' by the ounces and we drop it by the kilo
Ain't no need for all this envy
Let me get my automatic gettin' rid of static
Can't help it my habbit is gettin' dramatic, can't stand it, god dammit
I have it mixed in wit my blood, i'll wear it to the end
Now let the mayhem begin

(lil' rob's voice mail)
Hey wuz up, you reached lil rob's voice mail
Go ahead and drop me a message
And i'll get back to you as soon as i get a chance to
Alright then, i'm out


(mr. shadow)
Hey wuz up rob, i got your message dogg
Meet me at michi park at 8 o'clock sharp
Get ready for some drama 'cause
We gotta show 'em what it's all about

(verse three: mr. shadow and lil' rob)
Here we come once again
Droppin' flames as we begin to
Tear the show apart 2-0-3 comin' at cha
Traigo mas desmadre que los vientos de ese nino
Quemo a todos de volada como punta de cerillo
Mi estilo, es unico can nobody fade it
Be creative player haters and to other compasaters
Dedicated to fans world wide
One time for your mind
I guarantee that rhymes like this you'll neva find
Always ready wit penny for any type of showdown
Mr. shadow and lil' rob bringin' sounds to your town
We be down to the fullest and fool i thought you knew this
That when mayhem is on the mission we get rid of competation
Keep on wishin' and we'll just keep dismissin'
Now listen to the baddest droppin' ya just like a prison
Like say we be attack but ain't no tellin' when
The skys are gettin' cloudy won't you rowdy
Now let the mayhem begin

(mr. shadow)
Wuz up dogg

(lil' rob)
Wuz up homie,
Check out the suburban right there homes

(mr. shadow)
Which one, the black one?

(lil' rob)
Yeah, it's following us check it out
What you wanna do?

(mr. shadow)
Lets just walk up to 'em
Fuck 'em

(lil' rob)
From the sides?

(mr. shadow)
Yeah, lets do what we do

(lil' rob)
Lets do it

(lil rob)
Hey wuz up homie?

**person in the suburban**
Wuz up, what you want?

(mr. shadow)
Your life ese!

*gun shots*

We got shot fired the 21 hundred apocuny street
It appears to be two male hispanics heading south in a black 99 acord
Proceed wit caution, i repeat proceed wit caution, armed and dangerous
They will react to any type of confrentation

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