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You make me feel unreal
You're hallucinatory
I'm insatiable
You make me nauseous and hot
You're inflammatory
I'm inflammable

I don't want another love match
But you gave me an itch i can't scratch
You make me believe i can fly from the 11th storey

So tell me, can i call this love?
Or call it ecstasy?
What's happening to me?

Stir up my blood
Fuck reality
Render me xstatic
Teach me how to see by giving me shades

Help me reverse the laws of gravity
Render me xstatic
Help me change my mind
And cut off any braids
Cut off my braids

Release me
Increase me

Little hands beat as hard as my heart
Except when i miss you
And i'm down and out
Over and over i hit the floor
Wishing to kiss you
It's the same old pout

You got me hooked from the start
And you tore right into my heart
Now i'm free to do what i want
As long as i'm with you

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