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Destruction and hate in this world today
I wanna see blood on your face
People tell you this and people tell you that
I think they are full of crap
When you go to school or when you go to work
There's always somebody to tell you what to do
When you are at home your parents pick on you
Don't you think it's time to live and make it on your own
Think for yourself
Destruction and hate in this world today
I fucking love this hate
When you see the news it's always hate
Why should i care when no one thinks of me
When i go to school or when i go to work
Always see somebody getting mugged
On the streets all alone
I';matt gregg filled of anger on my own
(mumbled part)
I'm gonna kick the shit out of you peace punk,
Try living our lifes, you don't know what it is to live on the streets
To go to public school,know what it is to get picked on
No you don't
( end mumbled part)
Destruction and hate in this world today
I love anger mia
Always getting beaten because you're a punk
Punx, punx, punx, punx say it one more time you cunts fucking you hate.

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