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This is steve lumbum from big 9 news
And i'm here live at your local stop & shop
And if you're watching i advise to stay in your house and lock every door and window
Cause if you look here, it is absolute chaos
If you look right over there, there's a herd of people, 20 to 30 of em looking for some space to survive
It looks like their heading to the mall or something
Amy cmon lets go take a closer look

Listen, you need to listen
We need to move fast because our time is limited
We need to bust ass we need to get there
There's friggen zombies and their everywhere
No crap son, here take one
Your gonna need a gun
Without one all you can do is run
And when you run
That's no fun
You might as well just label your ass as done
Are you ready? lets get ready
If your gonna shoot, hold it steady
Theres no time for resting, the virus is spreading
Getting close the adrenalines pumping
Bout to turn these zombies from something to nothing
Seeing my gun these zombies have something in for them if they think i'm bluffing

Any questions?
You got it?
Alright lets go

Holy crap man that was scary
We made it woo - just barely
We ran two feet but it felt like a mile
We should be safe here just for a while
If you gonna shoot them, shoot em in the head
Thanks countless hours of playing left 4 dead
Man i feel sick man find me a bed
Whats wrong? oh your eyes are red
Dude you got bit, your infected
What are you gonna do now?
Take your last breath pow
We cant hang with the infected
Do what you gotta do, now he's permanently rested

I'll take these zombies and bend them over
Their friggen wild like they're not even sober
It feels like its halloween like its october
You get that? over
You guys are effed you have the disease
I'm gonna take your life - with ease
Line up to taste my bullets
See my trigger?
Imma pull it
Now that you all are no longer living
I'm better off cause you sucked and nothing was given
I'm the apocalypse gem
I'm gonna kill all of them

Once your bit that's it
Don't even think about your last breath i'm taking your life and ending it
If you clean come with me
We'll take it to the end of history

Guess what zombie? you're dead

Damn bitch ass zombies

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