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Data di rilascio : 05/11/1996

Durata : 0:05:26

Stile : Rock

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Do you see clearly
The image on the wall?
Is true that man
Must surely fall

If we build foundations
Reflections in our eyes
Unless, we look deep within
It's believing only lies

Shadows cast in likeness
Stretching with the sun
Like the fear of death
They linger even though we run

Once before we lived in
Another space and time
Now that the earth is our home
We need a reason for the rhyme

Don't separate yourself
From your dreams

Do what you must to survive
Don't give up and don't give in
You must keep your dream alive
Do what you must to survive

The consequence is clear
Regret will break your heart
If you stop reaching for
The top, you'll be torn apart

Nothing worthwhile is easy
The path isn't always clear
With each forward step
We take, we bring the meaning ever near

Fear plagues each moment
Conviction will decide
If energy is gained or lost
Nothing more can it provide

Against the odds we struggle
Each in his own way
But you are the one
That faces reflections of every day

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