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Data di rilascio : 20/06/2011

Durata : 0:04:34

Stile : Electronic

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We grow love in the dark, and in daylight it dies.
But every day it's born again, and born again.
We went for a walk and never came back.
Our bodies they returned again and turned again.

I love you like a ticking clock;
We go 'round and 'round and never stop.
I love you like a small-town cop;
I want to smash your face in with a rock.
I love you like a ticking bomb;
We're gonna get off when it all goes wrong.
I love you like a spineless narc;
I'd sell you out to get you in the dark.

I'm your son and you're my daughter:
We got married in the water.

Into the battle now here we go,
And even in arcadia: ego! ego! ego!
Pure love is a drug best served cold,
Because it heats you up when you need it most.

Can you feel my heart beating into your future?
We will not grow old, we will just grow newer.

One step over the line:
You're not much over the line, you are fine.
Two steps over the line:
Still feels okay in your mind, you're still fine.
Three steps over the line:
Three steps isn't a crime, not a crime.
Four steps over the line:
You're beginning to consider a return to the line.
But five steps over the line:
One more step and you can put it behind!

Get in line, get in line, get in line, get in line.

Six steps over the line:
Why we talking 'bout lines?
All you see is forms and colors and designs...
Seven steps over the line:
Seems like all those steps may have all been in your mind.
Eight steps over the line:
You're so far gone now, feeling close to sublime.
Nine steps over the line.
Whoa, that last step felt like a c-c-c-climb!

Ten steps over the line,
Ten steps over the line.
Ten steps:

And you're mine, and you're mine,
And you're mine and you're mine.

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