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(talking: d-mac)

Sound so soulful don't you agree?
Ay let me talk to these niggas
Walk with me..just walk with me

(verse 1: d-mac)
Ay what you know bout being broke as fuck growing up?
Hitting your homies up to hold their stuff?
We went to different schools so it was cool
Gripping tools, pocket full of candy wrappers
Summer days, slurping frozen cups then hit the pool
Hoping stuff like soon i'm gonna be a famous rapper
Can't be no slouch, if i wanna be in big tigger house or on that couch
On 106, with aj & free, or terrance & rocsi, can't nobody stop me i guarantee
That i will never let a soul get in the way of thee
Shit i wanted since 8, imma die living great
Elevate til i'm a heavyweight
Doing shit i aint proud of each and everyday
Cut your throat no hesitation bout my fucking pay
I'm strapped and sliding through my city trying to get away
Hey, can't end up like my friends, i'm one wrong move from it
I pray the lord guides my steps, and leads me to success
Can't let the love of money make me make the wrong choice
I'm only human everyday i fall short, but at least he know's i'm trying
God i hope you know i'm trying
Man i'm trying, i hope you know i'm trying
Im trying.. i'm trying...

(chorus: ben carew)

I'm trying, i'm trying
I'm trying, i'm trying

(verse 2: d-mac)
Please, don't leave me
I know loving me aint easy but believe me imma get it right, in a minute i'm
Living life, growing going through the motions
With so many doors open it gets hard for me to focus
On which ones i should be closing and be walking in
But you're the air i breathe baby you're my oxygen and i've been letting toxic in
The bright lights from the night life can become addictive
As well as the thrill of being inside of different women
So i be cheating every chance i get
One night stands i aint the man for that romantic shit
But let you talk to niggas, i can't handle it
Quick to call it quits, the nerve of me, double standard shit
For what it's worth it's no emotions i just hit and quit
No strings attached with them dummies, i'm a ventriloquist
But the motto goes, what you don't treasure, you gonna lose that shit
I keep saying that i love you, time to prove that shit, man i'm trying
I hope she know's i'm trying
I'm trying, man i'm trying

(chorus: ben carew)

I'm trying, i'm trying
I'm trying, i'm trying
(verse 3: d-mac)

Make my mama proud, hold my partners down
Whether they're free or not, i know it's only me they got
To give them a chance to see something more than the streets
Hoping we aint the next getting tucked in coroners sheets, sleep
To never wake again, i pray before my day begins
The lord to shield my body, cleanse my spirit, wash away my sins
Cuz hanging with my friends we used to rob niggas
Some of my niggas selling weed, pills, and hard's nigga
Man what you expect dog? times hard nigga
It aint like we could up and go and get a job nigga
And why the application process so long nigga?
Just to show up and they be like "hell naw nigger"
Even the qualified sing the same song nigga
Graduated college, end up working at a call center
Dear obama, please fix the economy
Better days ahead they gotta be, i pray to god he see we all trying
We trying...trying

(chorus: ben carew)

I'm trying, i'm trying
I'm trying, i'm trying

(bridge: ben carew)

I'm trying to be a man, provide for my family
And keep it 100 in the streets
Said i'm trying to find a wife, i could share my life with
And stay up out the sheets with these freaks
Said i'm trying to make a living, stay away from prison
And not become another murder victim
Said i'm trying, i'm trying

(verse 4: ben carew)

Raised in the streets where they teach you keep it real
Stay up on your grind, mind on the dollar bill
Reach for the stars, pray you make it far
Gotta get it on your own, go hard or you starve
Tell me is you with it baby?
Cuz daddy trying to get it baby
I'm trying i'm trying

(chorus: ben carew)

I'm trying, i'm trying
I'm trying, i'm trying
I'm trying, i'm trying
I'm trying, i'm trying

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