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Where'd you go, huh
They all think i know, you
It's so hard to motivate me to devote, a
Single inch of me, to
Something i can't see, i
Don't mean to pry but why, would you even make the eyes

I don't believe my ears, and i'm scared of my own head
I will deny you for years then i'll make you raise me from the dead
And if i said that i would live for you, for nothing in return
Well i'm sorry mr. gullible, but lying's all i've learned so be concerned
So be concerned

No music
And i could talk about anything
Whether or not it's worth while is based on who's listening
Most of us listen if it's something we can relate to
All of us relate if it's something we've just been through
Take it for granted

Trust is damaged and now we panic living empty-handed
Living lives like we can't manage, i can't feel you
But still know where home is feeling like jonah did
Almost dropped the bat like every base was fully loaded

So be concerned
So be concerned

I am disappearing, inside my bird's eye theories
I try to say goodbye, defy, and deny, what it is i'm fearing
Clearly i am dying, dearly i am writing, merely testifying
That the test to fly requires i, pass the test with colors flying
I don't believe you most the time, i'm lying 'cause i say i am fine
You are the pearl, i am the swine, so break my life and take this rhyme
I'm so sorry but i do believe, that all my bridges, i have burned
And i've earned a policy of no return, so be concerned

So be concerned
So be concerned
So be concerned

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