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Rundgren Todd

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Keep your head and everything will be cool
You didn't have to make me feel like a fool
When i try to say i feel the way that i do
I want to talk to you
And make it load and clear

Though you don't care to hear

Couldn't i just tell you the way i feel
I can't keep it bottled up inside
And could we pretend that it's no big deal
And there's really nothing left to hide

Something sure doesn't seem right to me
When you can turn your back whenever you please
And you stroll away and calmly bid me adieu
Why can't i talk with you
And put it in your ear though you don't care to hear

Hear me out
Why don't you lend me an ear
You've got no reason to fear
I'll make it perfectly clear
I love you

I don't come whining with my heart on my sleeve
I'm not a coward if that's what you believe
And i'm not afraid but not ashamed if it's true
I got to talk with you
And then i'll make it clear

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