Lyrics of 'little red lights'

Rundgren Todd

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You got to ease into line boy
But once i hit the open road

I'll be sailing off and on my own

You and me in my gt
With those little red lights in front of me
When i go to heaven you know that's where i want to be

Would you please fill it up boy
I'd like to stop and catch myself a bite

But i sure hate to leave the road tonight

Instrumental in 3 movements: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear.

And when i'm racing the clock
You know that i would die or kill somebody

Just to move th
Is hunk of steel one more block

Spoken (with mild disdain as one gropes for the

I think i see a little red light in my rear view mirror
A terrific case ensues, resulting in many highway
Statistics and ultimately, the realization of the
Desire expressed in the chorus. rip

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