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E.a. Black

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Sitting at the café you walked up to me and made yourself present over my
Chardonnay personal thoughts you tell only strangers spontaneous talk with
A hint of flirtation, then you said you’d call me, yeah... yeah yeah you
Said you’d call me tonight home in my living room deafening silence numbs
My senses stir my tea with a spoon smile from the thought of his intention
Chamomile dulls the expectation oh, he said he’d call me, yeah... yeah
Yeah he said he’d call me tonight. doesn’t love happen when you least
Expect it every time you do not try i hope i see him again but don’t go
Wishin’ for it; don’t go wishin’ for it... no, don’t go wishin’

For it... (wishin’ for it... wishin’ for it) mark the page in my book
Hours pass and hope is deflated the mirror shows that look voice telling me
It’s not gonna happen i’m getting used to this kind of rejection he
Said he’d call me, yeah... yeah yeah he said he’d call me tonight you
Don’t’ how know i hide... my vulnerability i’m such a fool to
Confide... in those deep brown eyes tossing and turning in bed why did he
Say that, i’m not a school girl analyze the scene in my head he was being
Polite time to turn out the light out of mind out of sight he said he’d
Call me tonight, yeah yeah he said he’d call me tonight

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