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E.a. Black

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I’m not much for social graces don’t wait around for invitations every
Chance i get take what i need, leave some behind for the next dumb sucker
To find some things you can’t forget been this way since iraq no one
Mentioned the aftershock too many in this town they call me one of the
“silent soldiers” lifted my brothers above my shoulders no one here to
Carry me around fought for freedom and my country the innocent,
Defenseless for human kind even though the war is over a battle still
Continues in my mind each day, i press “rewind” they tell me i’m a

Lucky one in one piece my job is done there’s so much they can’t see
The devil’s in my bloodstream haunts me every night steals away my dreams
A silent solider, that’s what i am like my brothers from vietnam in a
Crowd we walk alone here’s one question i have to ask, as i sit in my
Living room, ‘when will i be home?’ when you see me take my hand, let
Me know you understand then one day, in your eyes i will see the sun rise.
Wounds of war are not skin deep they penetrate the soul and keep my
Happiness at bay i’ll keep walking until i find the man that i left
Behind before i went away

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