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E.a. Black

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Get out of her way
She’s sizing you up
Shiny silver buckle and a fancy truck
With those captivating eyes and that beautiful hair
In five more minutes she will not care

Seen it before
Time and again
Don’t go for her bait i’m warning you, friend
She’ll take your drink and say it's fine
Then leave you for the next joe standing in line

Don’t be fooled by that gorgeous smile
She’ll drop you like an automatic turnstile
Let’s buy a beer for mr. muscle

To the latest victim of the cowboy shuffle

She’ll bring it on strong
An experienced flirt
You fall for the trap and end up hurt
Sit over here and take my advice
She’s careless with love so don’t think twice

But, what do i know
Don’t do what i say
She’s looking at me and i’m headed her way
Hate to leave you boys, i’m joinin’ the scuffle
I’m on deck for the cowboy shuffle

Don’t step out of line….don’t t take cover
Will you be her ace …her next lover?

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