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Dead Milkmen

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Hey jack, what's happenin'?
I don't know
Well uh, rumor around town says
You might be thinkin' 'bout goin' down to the shore
Uh, yeah, i think i'm gonna go down to the shore

What ya gonna do down there?
Uh, i don't know, play some video games
Buy some def leopard t-shirts
Don't forget your motley cure t-shirt
You know all proceeds go to get their lead singer out a' jail

Uh huh
Can't wait to go down
Hey uh, were ya gonna check out the sand bar while you're down there?
Uh, what's the sand bar?
Ah, it's a place that lets sixteen year-old kids drink
Ah, cool

Ya hey, guess who's gonna be there?
Uh, who?
My favorite cover band, crystal shit
Yeah, they do a doors show
You'd be really impressed, in fact, it goes a little like this

Love me two times baby
Love me twice today
Love me two times girl
'cause i got aids
Love me two times baby
Once for tomorrow
Once cause i got aids

Pretty good jim morrison impersonation there
I hope those guys have a good sense a' humor
And don't take us into court
Uh, what's the court?
Never mind that, the important thing here
You mean the people's court

The now, that's another story
The important thing here is that we get to the part where
You ask me how i'm gonna get down to the shore
Oh, how you gettin' down to the shore?
Funny you should ask, i've got a car now

Ah wow, how'd ya get a car?
Oh, my folks drove it up here from the bahamas
You're kidding
I must be, the bahamas are islands
Okay, the important thing here is that
Uh, you ask me what kinda car it is
Uh uh, what kinda car do ya' got?
I've got a bitchin' camaro

Bitchin' camaro, bitchin' camaro
I ran over my neighbors
Bitchin' camaro, bitchin' camaro
Now i'm in all the papers

My folks bought me a bitchin' camaro
With no insurance to match
So if i happen to run you down
Please don't leave a scratch

I ran over some old lady
One night at the county fair
And i didn't get arrested
Because my dad's the mayor

Bitchin' camaro, bitchin' camaro
Donuts on your lawn
Bitchin' camaro, bitchin' camaro
Tony orlando and dawn

When i drive past the kids
They all spit and cuss
'cause i've got a bitchin' camaro
And they have to ride the bus

So you'd better get out of my way
When i come through your yard
'cause i've got a bitchin' camaro
And an exxon credit card

Bitchin' camaro, bitchin' camaro
Hey man where ya headed?
Bitchin' camaro, bitchin' camaro
I don't want unleaded

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